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China Oil Painting Gallery is a well reputed painting art company in Xiamen, China. We can supply famous oil painting on canvas in museum quality by the best price. Fine art is not far from you. We have professional artists of different painting subjects and art styles to do famous painting reproduction. Our oil paintings almost covered the whole range of fine art history from Renaissance, Academic Classicism, Baroque Art, Impressionism, to Post Impressionism art, etc. Our painting subjects include Figure painting, Woman painting, Nude painting, Landscape painting, Animal painting, Architecture painting, Religion painting and so on. You can choose any image from our website and put the order online. Or Contact us for the image from you. For any painting we’ll arrange the best artist to paint when you confirm the order. We are representing some outstanding Chinese contemporary artists’original paintings. For the original painting, you can buy the painting currently we have, if the sizes are not right for you, please contact with us with your specific requirement, we’ll arrange the same artist to paint by your needs.

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A Ball at the Moulin de la Galette

At the Moulin de la Galette Dance Hall

Ballet Dancers

Dancing at the Moulin Rouge

Girl in a Fur (Jeanne Fontaine)

Hangover (The Drinker)

In Bed The Kiss

La Goulue Dancing

Madame Aline Gibert